Founded in March of 2003, Prime Time Ltd. is an independent production company. From day one, its founders Adnan Ćuhara and Amela Ćuhara have been selflessly investing in human resources as the company’s most valuable resource. Together with their creative employees, they have launched projects that remained current to date. Prime Time currently employs 55, along with dozens of external associates.

The Company primarily engages in creating media content capable of generating international films and franchises with a life beyond the screen. Our work is focused primarily on delivering great storytelling through use of latest advances in 3D animation technology.

Our focus is primarily on creating animated films, feature films, and breath-taking video games.

Equipped with a highly skilled roster of animators, concept-artists, TDs, modelling, shading, rendering and compositing artists, we strongly believe in and provide constant education and expansion of knowledge for our staff.

The goal of our work is to inspire and bring a fresh, revolutionary outlook on animation that truly lasts and gains a brand status.