Published: August 2016.

”Scream For Me Sarajevo“ wins three awards at the Sarajevo Film Festival

At this year’s Sarajevo Film Festival, the movie ”Scream For Me Sarajevo” won three awards in the “Documentary” category, namely the Human Rights Award, the Al Jazeera Award and the People’s Choice Award. The movie premiered in Cinema City and its screening marked the opening of the competitive portion of the festival.

Numerous emotional reactions within the audience confirmed that this is one of the most valuable documentary films about the Sarajevo siege ever made. The original idea stems from Jasenko Pašić, who contacted and interviewed all of the people who appear in the film. It was directed by Tarik Hodžić, produced by the Prime Time CEO Adnan Ćuhara, with help from the Lond-based co-producer Tatjana Bonny.


Published: December 2015

International star Bruce Dickinson takes part in filming documentary ”Scream For Me Sarajevo“

The most significant name of heavy metal music scene Bruce Dickinson was a guest of Sarajevo due to his role in the making of “Scream For Me Sarajevo” documentary produced by “Prime Time” production company.

The documentary covers the arrival of Bruce Dickinson and his band to Sarajevo under siege in 1994 when they held a legendary concert in Bosnian Culture Centre (BKC). The filming began in 2014 and continued throughout the year. It was culminated with shots of Bruce Dickinson on various locations around Sarajevo including BKC, Tunnel of Hope, Kovači cemetery, Historical Museum etc. 

The idea for making such a documentary originated from Jasenko Pašić who did the entire research and contacted persons who were interviewed for this film. The producer of the film is Adnan Ćuhara, the head of “Prime Time”, the director is Tarik Hodžić, and co-producer is Tatjana Bonny from London.

According to Jasenko Pašić, the idea for making this film came to him when he read Chris Dale’s impressions, the bass player from Iron Maiden, about his stay in besieged Sarajevo. The text was published in three parts on and not long after it was translated to our language and published on Dale writes about his performance in Sarajevo and how this two-day visit made an impact on him, on his way of thinking and looking at daily events.  

- Bruce Dickinson, Alex Elena, and Chris Dale told their story about Sarajevo. They were told they can’t come to Sarajevo because it’s not safe there. They met with Serious Road Trip organization members who transported them from Split to Sarajevo. This heroic act, which gave the people of Sarajevo a sign they were not forgotten gave me the incentive to produce this film, the producer Adnan Ćuhara says.

Besides Bruce Dickinson, on BKC stage in December of 1994 Chris Dale, the band’s bass player, the drummer Alex Elena and guitar player Alex Dickson were all present. The band’s technical support, Bob Edwards and Andey Veasey were also present. They were all accompanied by a journalist who followed the band on all of their concerts, Roland Hyams. All of that is covered in “Scream For Me Sarajevo”.

After the final shot of the film, British ambassador in B&H Edward Ferguson held a formal reception in Dickinson’s honour. Many guests from Sarajevo were invited to the Ambassador’s residence for the reception, including some of the most famous names from the Bosnian music and film industry. The Mayor of Sarajevo, Ivo Komšić presented Dickinson with the “Golden Badge” as a gift to remember Sarajevo by. 

The premiere of the documentary “Scream For Me Sarajevo” is expected in summer 2016.  


Published: March 2015

“Child Friendly Space” documentary produced by Prime Time

For the needs of World Vision organization, Prime Time production made a documentary about “Child Friendly Spaces” that were opened across Bosnia and Herzegovina as an aid for children whose families were stricken by floods and landslides in May of 2014. Through organized activities for play, socialization, and learning, these spaces provided a safe environment and support for children in recovering from the trauma and shock. Ever since they were founded, over 3.800 children were a part of the Spaces.

Movie “Child Friendly Space” was presented at the Conference “Children over anything: Protection mechanisms in natural disaster situations”, which had the goal of introducing Spaces’ work, establishing a platform for exchange of experiences and recommendation which could be applied in future situations. Total of 38 organizations have supported the opening of Spaces, amongst them UNICEF and Save the Children.

Trailer for the movie can be seen below.



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The entire movie is also available on World Vision B&H Youtube channel:


 Published: December 2014.

“Prime Time” has started filming the documentary “Scream For Me Sarajevo”

With regard to marking the 20. anniversary of hosting Bruce Dickinson, the leader of the legendary British heavy metal band Iron Maiden and his band members in war stricken Sarajevo, production company “Prime Time” is making a documentary film about this concert called “Scream For Me Sarajevo”.

Film is telling the story about how they came to the idea of hosting the world rock star and the members of his band in Sarajevo under siege, about how the arrival to Sarajevo went on, their stay in war stricken city, about the concert itself, and leaving the city. About all these events, from a time distance of 20 years, the concert’s protagonists, members of Dickinson’s band drummer Alex Elena and bass player Chris Dale, former members of UN’s peace mission, British officers Trevor Gibson and Martin Morris, as well as a couple of Sarajevo natives speak about the event from that December night, an event that, thanks to Dickinson and his band, has made them forget about the horrors and destruction that were  part of their everyday life.

„We have finished the first week of shooting. We are extremely pleased with the finished work. All of the statements were recorded in Sarajevo, including the ones from Elena, Dale, Gibson, and Morris who came to our city especially for this occasion. We have managed to shoot some extraordinary material, and thanks to great organizing, all of the work was done without any problems. The entire seven days of shooting went on with the atmosphere of remembering the weekend when Dickinson and his crew played in Sarajevo. All of the emotions and reminiscing culminated on a gathering in Sarajevo club “Cinemas Sloga”, in memory of an unforgettable night in Sarajevo under siege” told the producer of the film “Scream For Me Sarajevo” Adnan Ćuhara.

The idea for making the documentary “Scream For Me Sarajevo” has originated from the author, Jasenko Pašić who has done the entire research and contacted the persons that gave the statements used in this film. The producer of the film is Adnan Ćuhara, director is Tarik Hodžić, and associate producer is Tatjana Bonny from London.

According to his own words, Jasenko Pašić came to the idea of doing this film by reading a piece of text, which was, while visiting Sarajevo, written by the band’s bass player Chris Dale. The text was published on in three sequels, and not long after translated into Bosnian and published on Dale talked about being hosted in Sarajevo, as well as how this two-day visit left a mark on his way of thinking and looking at everyday things.

On December 1994, on the stage of Bosnian Center of Culture (BKC),  aside from Bruce Dickinson there were also present bass player Chris Dale, drummer Alex Elena and guitar player Alex Dickinson. Bob Edwards and Andrey Veasey, band’s tech support were also present, and a journalist who followed Dickinson’s band on all Royal Hyams concerts.

Originally, according to organizer’s idea, Dickinson and his band should have played solely for members of UN peace corps in Sarajevo, but the leader of Iron Maiden declined saying that he could only perform for the citizens of Sarajevo. In the end it happened so. The journey itself wasn’t less exciting than staying in Sarajevo. The band traveled by plane to Split, and the rest of the journey they travelled in a truck owned by charity organization called “Serious Road Trip” all the way to Sarajevo.

The first day of their arrival they held the concert, their second day was off, and the band members met with their fans in war stricken Sarajevo. At first sight, everything seemed like any other trip. But since everything else was different back then in Sarajevo, this hosting was completely different from everything that the band has ever experienced.

The film “Scream For Me Sarajevo” says the entire story, whose premiere is expected in the summer of 2015.

  Published: December 2014.

“Prime Time“ team wins first place at “Nordeus Hackathon“

Production company team “Prime Time” members from Sarajevo, Damir Halilović, Andrej Jagar, Arman Mušović, and Amir Čatić, have won first place at the Fourth Annual competition of teams in creating video games, which is organized by Nordeus company. Competition, which was held in Belgrade in the company’s headquarters, is traditionally called “Nordeus Hackathon”.

Guys from the production company “Prime Time” won with a game called “In Vino Veritas” (The truth is in vine). First place was won in a very harsh competition which was made of the best programming teams from every country in the region, 11 in total.The competition was held on 13. December, and according to the rules, all teams have 24 hours to create a video game with a specific theme. The theme is revealed to the contestants on the day of the competition. Hackathon’s goal is, as they point out from Nordeus, for contestants to show knowledge, innovations, ideas and work under pressure in a real business environment also. Besides, Hackathon’s mission is to show talented programmers and designers from neighboring countries, the ones that don’t fall back behind colleagues from around the world.  All competing teams get their own space, working equipment, food, drinks, and other necessary items so they could focus on making the game. According to clearly stated rules, the contestants are not allowed to use animation, music or any other part that are subjected to copyright laws, that is they can’t take or simulate somebody else’s ideas. 

This reward is another confirmation that production company “Prime Time” is hiring people of high quality, people who are committed to their jobs. Besides video production (feature and documentary films, commercials, music videos, and other kinds of video production) as a primary business, “Prime Time” has, for several years now, put computer graphics into first place on the long list of their activities, that is producing animated forms like 3D animated films, series, TV commercials and alike. In further development of its business, “Prime Time” has been paying more attention to creating video games. From the global perspective, gaming industry is one of the most important branches of computer industry. 

“Prime Time’s  intentions to position itself as one of the most important regional companies in this field of business is based on real foundations. In addition to quality equipment and a positive business environment, “Prime Time” has the most important element for achieving that goal, and that element is a highly qualified and positively motivated staff, ready to face the hardest challenges in the right way, like creating a video game in 24 hours”, told the company’s producer, Adnan Ćuhara. 

“It was unreal a couple of years ago that we could be a part of something like this.  Making video games was as far and impossible as making animated films, until “Prime Time” gathered us all under one roof. Our participation and win on Nordeus Hackathon was one of many confirmations in a row that we have something to offer, and you will certainly have an opportunity to play one of our games”, said one of the members of the winning team, Andrej Jagar.  

Since we’re speaking of challenges it needs to be mentioned that the organizer of the competition, Nordeus company is behind one of the most popular games online “Top eleven – Be a football manager“, which speaks about the competition and quality of “Nordeus Hackathon” contestants.

Download of the winning video game can be found on the official web page of the competition: .

The whole video of game presentation can be found on: , and the award ceremony can be found on:

Published: June 2014.

New EPBiH campaign – Important projects

JP Elektoprivreda Bosnia and Herzegovina has commenced the realization of capital projects in electro-energetic sector. It is important to present the importance of an individual project for BiH to the wider public audience, and what they contribute to the economic and developmental plan of individuals.Futuristic videos evoke viewers’ attention and present the projects. Elektroprivreda BiH is presented as a strong, powerful and proactive company that cares and invests in the future of us all. Location of the video is a contemporary virtual space, designed by our CG department and it represents the company and its address to target groups. Photography is completed with futuristic 3D elements and holographic projections of the projects. 

TVC EPBiH HE Vranduk – Priority project | TV Commercial

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TVC EPBiH Block 7 – Project for the future | TV Commercial

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TVC EPBiH VE Podveležje – Wind power | TV Commercial

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 Published: April 2014.

“We’ll give you a Brasil-like experience”, a new TV commercial for BH Telecom service Moja TV

BH Telecom, the general sponsor for Bosnia and Herzegovina national soccer team, this time through a TV commercial produced by our production company, is promoting a unique experience of watching all FIFA World Cup matches in Brasil. TV commercial represents a certain support by BH Telecom for our soccer players and team supporters, dragons of Bosnia and Herzegovina on this important competition. The TV commercial contributes to the euphoria that awaits us.

By combining 3D animation of origami birds, recognizable symbols of BH Telecom, an origami dragon with national team colors, and the most appealing shots of Rio de Janeiro as well as the soccer field where the most important game for our team should be taking place, we have focused our viewers’ attention on the brand which promotes a unique service “Moja TV”. Because of the time-zone difference and late evening matches, thanks to “Moja TV” program the supporters that stay at home can enjoy watching games in HD resolution with the possibility of “delayed” watching of all the games in FIFA World Cup in Brazil whenever they want. All the creative departments of Prime Time Production have taken part in creating this technically highly demanding video and have worked hard on the smallest of details which contributed to an overall experience for viewers. 

TVC BH Telecom “We’ll give you a Brasil-like experience” | TV Ad

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Published: December 2013.

New BH Telecom commercial for promoting “transfer number”

The idea for the purpose of promoting “Transfer number to BH Telecom” was designed to offer a beautiful, from the beginning an abstract Bosnian story. Tradition and crafts have been nurtured in Bosnia and Herzegovina since old times, and telecom operator has been a part of that, so it needs to be associated with every beautiful story and moment in our lives. This story is about the most beautiful and wanted product in our culture, and that is freshly baked bread from small, neat, and traditional bakeries. The search for scents and products, and the symbolic bounding with the brand of BH Telecom needs to essentially relate to that need in order to evoke positive emotions. In the end, the video is long remembered due to its story, photography, shot choices, abstraction, non-directive type, accurately dosed action, and pleasant and non-aggressive message.

Production technique demanded a highly professional engagement of all teams and creative departments in “Prime Time” Production, because combining acting scenes and high-quality 3D animations represents the biggest production challenge. When we speak about commercials production and advertising in general, we can proudly say that this commercial was the first and rare case when the production demands were achieved as well as with knowledge and technical capacities of production companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We have approached the project with responsibility and in a professional manner. By using the latest technology of filming with “blue key” tracking, 3D modeling, coloring, compositing, and visual and audio effects combined with engagement of around 50 personnel, we have managed to design a virtual city and set our main actors in the place and time of the action.

TVC BH Telecom “Transfer number” | TV Ad

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As the holidays are approaching, the need for 3D origami bird to have fun again and amaze our viewers was awaken. The origami bird will congratulate the following holidays, and mark winter. The creative solution from our production company is a follow up of the new visual identity for the ending tag on BH Telecom commercials.

TAG BH Telecom New year’s origami | TV Ad

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Published: December 2013.

New origami BH Telecom TAG

Prime Time’s Creative 3D animation studio has produced, for the needs of client BH Telecom, a new ending tag which appears in all TV commercials of  the biggest telecom operator in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The new tag is a certain re-branding of the previous creative solution with the aim of improving and modernizing the visual identity with new design solutions and in accordance with technological development and world innovations in the field of computer graphics. The goal was to, with the help of short humorous animations, evoke positive reactions in viewers and strengthen their positive attitude towards the brand.

TAG BH Telecom origami 3D | TV Ad

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Published: October 2013.

TVC Elektroprivreda BiH

New capital investments of JP Elektroprivreda BiH JSC were the cause of a public presentation of investment projects of the future for electro-energetic sector in BiH via TV advertising. The shots of genuine locations of future power plants were combined with realistic 3D models of future facilities designed in our production. Using the latest technology in the fields of film and video industry, the creative team of “Visual effects and compositing department” has inserted the aforementioned 3D models to the natural surrounding into the positions where these objects of great importance to population would be built in the near future, and therefore contribute to a better supply of electric energy.

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Published: August 2013.

Aždaja / The Dragon  –  official trailer

The first teaser for a short film by Ivan Ramadan called “The Dragon”, produced by Prime Time has seen the light of day. This project is something completely new and experimental in the film world of our country because it contains a combination of acting scenes and high-quality animation enriched with visual effects.

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Published: August 2013.

“At least we survived” by Amela Ćuhara shown at SFF

As a segment of this year’s 19. Sarajevo Film Festival, the graduation short film directed by Amela Ćuhara called “At Least We Survived” got its premiere. Produced by Prime Time and Sarajevo Film Academy, the film deals with conquering the consequences of war with the strongest force- love. After being exchanged, Edhem comes to Sarajevo to find his wife Zehra and their daughter Hatidža. Thanks to some family in Sarajevo, he finds Zehra’s current address where she lives with her new husband Hamed. Hatidža opens the door and she does not recognize him because she was four when he disappeared. Edhem goes through difficult moments while watching his daughter with her stepfather. She looks at him with distrust, and Zehra is no longer his darling. Zehra is torn between two men she loves dearly, but also by the fact that she does not know how to tell Hatidža that her father is alive when she cannot believe it herself.  Hamed tries to ease the situation, but he also wants to keep his family together. Edhem finds inner strength to do the thing that will protect his family from more pain…   


At Least We survived | Teaser


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Published on 29. October 2012

Short Film Dragon/Aždaja in postproduction

Last week, the shooting of a new, short film by Ivan Ramadan was successfully completed. The working title of the film is ‘Aždaja’, and it is produced by our company. The project, supported by the Foundation for Cinematography of the FBiH, is something completely new and experimental in the world of film in our country. It was filmed on locations in the village of Umoljani, on Bjelašnica Mt., and several sites on Igman and Kozija Bridge.

This ten-minute film is designed so that half of it is recorded with camera, and the rest is animated, with complex intertwining of animation and motion pictures, and numerous special effects, said the movie producer Adnan Ćuhara. Film director Ivan Ramadan said he was pleased with the filming, and announced an epic film about the Bosnian dragon. Set in the fictional mountain village, the film goes back to Illyrian times, until the fall of the Bosnian kingdom. It is interesting that Soraja Ćehić will be the lead actress. Earlier this month, she attracted great attention with her cover of the popular Korean song Gangnam style. Completion of this project is expected by mid next year, and the development of the film and the entire post-production will be available at Ivan Ramadan’s latest blog:

Published in June 2012

New Season of TV Show ‘Traffic Report’ aired on FTV

Every weekday before primetime news program Dnevnik 2 on Federal TV, at 19.20 hours, and after Dnevnik 3 as of 22:00, the show informs citizens about road conditions and weather conditions in the country, in addition to other service information.

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Published in April 9th 2012

New campaign for UNIQA Insurance

www.uniqa.baUNIQA Insurance has launched a new media campaign aimed to introduce a new product on the market in our country, namely an insurance package that includes the traditional life insurance with a savings component, voluntary health insurance and travel health insurance.

“Our new product, insurance package, is intended for clients who also require a savings component in their insurance, and health services in the country but also abroad, 24 hours a day, 356 days a year. In designing this product, we were mindful of adjusting the premium to the abilities of citizens with average incomes”, said Ms. Ena Omeragić from the Marketing Department with UNIQA Insurance. And this year again, UNIQA has decided to produce a new video in collaboration with the production company Prime Time. Last weekend, in three different locations in Sarajevo, a video was shot, starring a renowned Bosnian actor Boris Ler.

UNIQA Insurance has once again trusted our company to produce a promotional TV spot for the third campaign implemented in cooperation with our production company. Thanks to synergy between all creative individuals and kind staff of UNIQA Insurance, we achieved exactly what we were aiming for, to our mutual satisfaction – a model image and creative spot”, said Adnan Ćuhara, producer and director of the production company Prime Time.

Our trusted team of staff once again took part in the production of a TV spot, and the goal was to reach out to the audience and win their interest in the new product of UNIQA Insurance. The video was directed by Tarik Hodžić, and Almir Đikoći was our director of photography. Izo Light 17 BH Company was in charge of lighting, while Prime Time’s creative department of Visual FX and Compositing was in charge of post-production, colouring, 3D modelling and animation”, said Amer Pašić, marketing director and executive producer of Prime Time.

TVC UNIQA paket | Making Of

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Published in April 2012

Business Magazine, Weekly Business TV Show aired on BHT1

Years of Prime Time’s experience in the production of television programs, primarily Business News for BHT1, good viewing and positioning of the show within the target audience, resulted in a need for a weekly edition of business news in the form of a magazine. Business Magazine, a weekly half-hour edition of the TV show, based on the lessons learned in preparation of Business News, aims to familiarize viewers and for the first time to analyze and process the current developments in the field of domestic and international business by specific topics.

The show features different sections such as: “News”, “Success Stories”, “Analysis” and “Topic”. We would like to highlight “Success Stories” which features all positive business ventures, and promotes companies in the country and their achievements. The goal is to have a positive effect on the viewers, and also start-up entrepreneurs in order to support new ideas and daring in implementation of such ideas. PR stories of 3 to 4 minutes spread the good word, present production processes, products and services, encourage the development of companies and export orientation. This is an opportunity for BiH companies in terms of marketing and attracting new customers, and maintaining and strengthening relations with the existing clients. PR also influences the development and corporate branding of the company, as well as the positive image that communicates the strength of the company and a quality product, eventually brining good business results.

Business Magazine premiers for its viewers on Monday, April 9 at 19:45, at its regular airing time, with reruns on Tuesdays at 11:00.

Feel free to contact Prime Time’s Marketing Office for any questions related to marketing and advertising.


Published in November 2011

New Year’s Offer of UNIQA Life Insurance

Modern lifestyle is dictated by the increasingly dynamic and interesting everyday life. At the same time, the age of the next generation carries a large uncertainty, and thus an increased need for security – the need for Insurance for the generations to come. A special offer with surprises and gifts will delight all brand new UNIQA Life Insurance policy holders by the end of 2011.

By combining the best shots from the TV ads that viewers have seen in the UNIQA Insurance corporate advertising in recent years, with animations created in our production company, we produced a TV advertisement, outdoor visuals, and advertisements for print media.



TVC UNIQA New Year’s Offer | TV advertisement

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Published on 27 September 2011

First shots of the new TV series made in Sarajevo and Konjic

Last week in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the first shots of the new Turkish series “MAVİ KELEBEKLER – Blue Butterflies” were made, produced by Sinevizyon Televizyon Programlar Yapımcılık LTD.STI. and Turkish Radio and TV TRT, in cooperation with the Sarajevo-based Production Company Prime Time.

Blue Butterflies is a story about young people Aida, Murat, Mark and Derya, caught in the winds of war in Bosnia. A story about fighting for life, friendship, hardships, conflicts, and above all, about love. The story begins in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1991, in the eve of the war. After studying medicine in Istanbul, Murat returns to his hometown. His return is eagerly awaited by deaf-mute Aida, in love with Murat ever since childhood. Murat feels the same about her, but hides his feelings for he is concerned with what is happening around him, things that have changed their world. But Aida is not the only one in love with Murat. Derya is also there, from a wealthy Turkish family, Murat’s friend from the studies. Feelings towards Murat take her to Bosnia, where she remains, despite the war, to fight for her love and her life. Murat’s best childhood friend Marko becomes another character in the story.

Cast: Oya Okara (Aida), with masters in acting, in addition to her experience in the theater, also acted in several successful series. Yunus Emre Yildirimer (Murat) graduated from the Academy of Theater, starred in several popular series. Cahit Gok (Mark) an actor who has received the most attention during his stay in Bosnia, known to our audience as Kenan Birkan from younger days, in one of the most popular Turkish series “Ezel”. Gamze Topuz (Derya), popular Turkish singer and actress.

Famous Turkish actors with numerous roles in successful series, movies, and TV shows, during their stay in our country, could not hide being thrilled with the BiH cities, cultural and historical sights and natural beauties. In particular, they were amazed to see the warmth and hospitality of its citizens, which according to them, is very similar to Turkish hospitality, which is the reason why it felt like home for them. Citizens had the opportunity to take pictures with the actors, while the female part of the audience was particularly enthusiastic to see Cahit Gok, the popular actor who plays the role of Kenan Birkan from younger days in a Turkish series Ezel.

Directed by Yasemin Turkmen, produced by Hatice Soysev, and Kemal Sanli as director of photography. On behalf of Prime Time Production, Adnan Ćuhara and Amer Pašić were consultants in series productions, while Vedran Hrustanović was in charge of scenic design, and Emina Hodžić Adilović for costumes. The Turkish team of professionals worked hard in recent days at locations in Sarajevo (Airport, Baščaršija, Skenderija, Zmajevac, Vratnik, Osijek-Ilidža) and Konjic (Old Bridge, part of the town surrounding the Old Bridge).

The team of the series extends its gratitude for the sites and locations, and especially to Prime Time Production Company, which proposed and organized shooting at these locations. Prime Time Production team is grateful to the series for their confidence, and for a professional and pleasant cooperation.


Published in July 2011

VFX i Compositing in feature film EDINA

Film EDINA, directed by Nora Lakos of Hungary, is the first of four short films made as a part of the Sarajevo City of Film in 2011. It was filmed in various locations in Sarajevo. For the purposes of this film, within its Compositing & VFX Department, Prime Time produced special effects in 11 frames of this film.


Visual Effects and Compositing

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Published in June 2011

New BRAMAC Protector Plus Roof Tiles – TV Ad Shooting

Audience in BiH, Croatia and Slovenia was introduced with a new product on the market from BRAMAC Company, through TV advertising made in our production company. The idea was to show the excitement and pleasure of passers at the sight of BRAMAC roof tile. Pleasant parks, walkways and fountains in front of the Hotel Ilidža complex made a perfect setting for the filming of an image video, which will certainly encourage viewers to think positively about the brand and how it ideally fits in harmony with the environment. Continuous innovations are an integral part of the Bramac mission, the newest innovation being Bramac Protector Plus: famous five-fold Protector® protection with an even more attractive, particularly smooth surface, for roofs with a premium look and optimum protection against weather conditions.

TVC New BRAMAC Protector plus | TV advertisement

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Published in May 2011

New TV advertisement Alma Ras – Dodir koji volim

TV viewers had a chance to see a new TV advertisement made for Alma Ras brand. Alma Ras Company chose Maya Sar, a renowned Bosnian artist, as the main character in this commercial. Aside Dino Merlin, Maya Sar was also on the Eurosong crew.

”We have long thought about the celebrity that our customers would like to see on the new TV commercial for Alma Ras. From among several celebrities, actress and TV hosts, we opted for the singer and songwriters Maya Sar. She was a pleasant surprise to the whole team given her professionalism, spirit, character, and smile. In Maya Sar, we found everything that Alma Ras is about – romantic, gentle, sensual, family … We are happy to have established cooperation with Maya. She makes beautiful songs, has a great career ahead of her, and we really hope that our cooperation will continue. Maya Sar gave us the musical background for the spot, a beautiful new song from the new, yet unpublished album Milovanja/Caress. The very name of the song Caress is perfectly matched with the slogan of Alma Ras – The Touch I Love”, said Rasim Memagić, CEO of Alma Ras.

“I am glad that one such great, domestic brand has chosen me for their new campaign. Cooperation with the entire team was on top, professional level, and a bright and friendly atmosphere on the set of the video contributed to the final product having a special kind of beauty and warmth, which further emphasizes the slogan ‘The Touch I Love’”, said Maya Sar, a singer and songwriter.

The spot was made by a team of great professionals, aside the Sarajevo-based Prime Time Production Company. Director Dženan Medanović was in charge of directing, while a renowned cameraman Almi Đikoli worked as director of photography. Make up artists Maja Koristović Talović also worked on this video, in addition to a hairdresser Ensar Dervišbegović, and the styling by Nizama Čaušević.

“It was a real pleasure to work on the brand image video for Alma Ras. We are very satisfied with the quality of the final product, and successful cooperation with Alma Ras”, said Adnan Ćuhara, CEO of Prime Time and a producer.

We wish to thank the staff of Fitness Universe for providing the space for one of the scenes, and Coin Casa for romantic details in the video.

Alma Ras | Making Of

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Published on 12 April 2011

EFC feat. Đule Van Gogh: “Nacrtaj mi ljubav”

Today in Sarajevo Cinemas Sloga Club, a new video by Emir & Frozen Camels Feat. Đule of Van Gogh was promoted for the song “Nacrtaj mi ljubav”. The song is listed on their album titled No Pasaran, which won the Indexi Regional Music Award in 2010 for Best Rock Album of the Year. The video was filmed in the former Wire Factory in Sarajevo, under the watchful eye of producer Adnan Ćuhara from the Sarajevo-based production company Prime Time, which took over the entire production of this project. The team on the set comprised many, led by one of the best cameramen in BiH Almir Đikoli. The video was directed by Dženan Medanović and Amela Ćuhara. Models Ernadin Porča and Dunja Pašić also appeared in the video, while Istok Bratić and Ema Alagić were in charge of the bend’s styling.


EFC feat. Đule Van Gogh | Nacrtaj mi ljubav

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Published in April 2011

TV advertisement produced for UNIQA Insurance sweepstakes

For our client UNIQA Insurance, Prime Time Production Company produced a TV advertisement, reminders, radio jingles, web banners and outdoor visuals for the campaign titled “UNIQA rewarding conscientious drivers”. As a part of its major sweepstakes, UNIQA Insurance commissioned a team of professionals from our company to communicate its corporate image and services to its existing, but also potential customers, in the best possible way. The video features the crew of the Handball Club Bosna BH Gas, joined by popular actor Milan Pavlović, who brought in the spirit of Bosnian-Herzegovinian humor in this campaign, but also conveyed positive energy and atmosphere from the set to TV viewers.

TVC UNIQA “Za sigurnost na cesti”

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Published in December 2010

“Crazy Dance” selected to be screened in Panorama section of the Ljubljana Film Festival

At the International Animated Film Festival Animateka, held in Ljubljana from the 6th to 12th of December 2010, a short animated film “Crazy Dance” was screened. This animated film “Crazy Dance” was directed by Zdravko Cvjetković and Sabina Pezo, in combined 2D and 3D techniques, and it tells the story of a mushroom, emerged after a nuclear disaster, changing the world with her crazy dance.

This film debuted at the 15th Sarajevo Film Festival, and was also screened at the Silver Tape festival in Srebrenica, as well as the New York Eurasian Film Festival in November 2010.

The film was selected for the Panorama section at the Ljubljana Film Festival.


Published in November 2010

The Seeker Won the First Prize at New York Eurasian Film Festival

At New York Euroasian Film Festival held from 11 to 14 November 2010, a documentary titled The Seeker-Tragač directed by Amela Ćuhara, won the best documentary award.

The documentary follows the story about Amor Mašović, a man searching for victims of war, and who returns their remains to families, while trying to come to terms with himself so as to lead a normal life.

This documentary has already been screened at Sarajevo Film Festival, Mediterranean Film Festival in Široki Brijeg, Festival Silver Tape in Srebrenica, and also at Iranian International Film Festival in Tehran, as a part of Mirror Without a Frame section.

It won the best documentary award at New York Euroasian Film Festival in 2010,

In addition to this documentary, two other short animated films Crazy Dance and Stone Tale, produced by Prime Time Production Company, were also screened at New York Eurasian Film Festival.


The Seeker | Trailer

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Published in July 2010

Stone Tale-Kamena priča at  16. Sarajevo Film Festival  in August 2010

Post-production phase of the short animated film Stone Tale by Emir and Edin Durmišević was finalized in July 2010, and the film will be screened at the 16th Sarajevo Film Festival.

Stone Tale is a story about the courage and the eternal battle between good and evil. Tired after a long flight, a bug lands on a tombstone and happens to share the fate of the characters in that story. This is a story about each and every one of us, the weak, who may loose their ground and feel defeated, yet muster up strength to resist evil and change the course of events

Stone Tale | Trailer

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Published June 2010

Animation Camp Igman 2010

Organized by the Federal Ministry of Culture and Sport in the Feri Hostel, Animation Camp Igman 2010 was held in Igman. The ceremony was attended by Federal Minister of Culture and Sport Gavrilo Grahovac, Speaker of the Municipal Council Trnovo Jazid Bajrić, Secretary of the Ferial Association Nusret Muhović and others. Screenings were organized to show animated films – works by students from past camps.

Animation Camp Igman 2010, held from 13 to 20 June, brought together 50 students from secondary schools in 12 cities of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina: Sarajevo, Travnik, Mostar, Zenica, Tuzla, Bihać, Mostar, Čapljina, Živinice, Teočak, Srebrenik and Gračanica. As in previous years, students attended lectures and workshops on all aspects of creating an animated film and animation in general, as well as some related occupations. The novelty in the work of the camp was the introduction of 2D fast animation production, led by a regular lecturer Stiv Cinik, an acknowledged author of animated film from Zagreb. In addition to regular lectures and workshops in 2D and 3D animation, held by Stiv Cinik and lecturers/authors of animated films from Prime Time Production Sarajevo, students had the opportunity to learn about other aspects of work on film and theater creators. Mirjana Čistopoljski gave a lecture on “puppet and movement”, Srđan Vuletić and Pjer Žalica on script and directing, Jasna Diklić, Izudin Bajrović and Brano Jakubović taught on the subject of “voice-noise-sound”. This year’s camp brought together two categories of participants: 25 beginners, who attended the initial training in 2D, 3D, puppet animation, and 2D fast animation, as well as 25 successful participants from the previous camp who worked on 2D/3D animation of Chubby, a camp mascot.

Since 2004, the Ministry of Culture and Sports has been organizing animation camps to provide the youth with an opportunity to educate themselves through practical work, and further development of this aspect of art in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Published March 2010

 Animation Camp Neum 2010

Organized by the Federal Ministry of Culture and Sport, Animation Camp Neum 2010 was held from 21 to 28 February in Neum.

The camp brought together 40 students from secondary schools in Sarajevo, Mostar, Tuzla, Fojnica, Olovo, Hrasnica-Ilidža, Široki Brijeg, Travnik, Teočak, Bosanska Krupa, Bihać and Zenica, to learn about the basics of animation from lecturers/speakers – authors of animated films. As in previous years, the camp was organized in the form of a combination of lectures and workshops on 2D and 3D techniques, where participants learnt about all aspects of the process of making animated films: creating characters, storyboard, scenic design, computer graphics, modeling and animation itself.

This year’s novelty in the Camp is the introduction of an intensive workshop “Stop Motion”, animation led by Stiv Cinik, an acclaimed author of animated films from Zagreb, and a longtime lecturer and friend of the Camp. Other speakers and workshop facilitators included employees of Prime Time Productions Faruk Šabanović, Boris Stapić, Sabina Pezo, Zdravko Cvjetković, Edin Durmišević, Emir Durmišević, Tarik Šabanović, Darijan Kalauzović and Hasan Bajramović.



Published  August 2009

Agreement on Coproduction signed with Turkish Radio and TV (TRT)

In Turkey, on 31 July 2009, an agreement was signed between the Sarajevo-based Prime Time Production Company, and Turkish Radio and TV, worth 3 million Euros, for the first animated feature film titled Birds Like Us, directed by Faruk Šabanović, and produced by Prime Time.

The agreement was signed by Adnan Ćuhara, a producer of the film, and CEO of TRT, Mr. Ibrahim Sahin. The signing of the Agreement was attended by Mr. Zejnil Koc, Deputy Director General, Mr. Bulent Ata, Deputy Director of TV, Mr. Fuat Kale, an advisor, and Faruk Šabanović, an author, screenwriter and film director.



Published August 2009

 Crazy Dance completed

Crazy Dance is a short 3D animated film by young authors Zdravko Cvjetković and Sabina Pezo from our production company. This film talks about the global politics and nuclear crisis in a very humorous way. Crazy Dance raises a moral issue, and opens up a dilemma of priorities, by painting the reality in a simple manner. This honesty is its true value. The duration of the film is 5 minutes.

The film is to premier at this year’s Sarajevo Film Festival.

Crazy Dance | Trailer

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Published June 2009

Animation Camp Igman 2009

Prime Time Production, in cooperation with the FBiH Ministry of Culture and Sports, organized a summer animation camp which lasted from June 14 to June 21, 2009. The camp brought together 40 students from secondary schools from many cities of the Federation, attending courses in 2D and 3D animation, animated film history, film formation processes, and audio recording from the most recognized authors in the field. First of all, an old friend of the Animation Camp, author and cartoonist Stiv Cinik, director Nedžad Begović, and authors Faruk Šabanović and Enis Čišić. In addition, in the spirit of the tradition started in the winter camp in Neum, former students, now the authors of animated films and regular lecturers with high school students went through the basics of creating animated films in 2D and 3D techniques.The novelty in the work camp is the best 10 students out of 40 attending the last camp in Neum, had advanced lectures organized in order to facilitate their ongoing learning and working process. During the camp, the advanced group created two short animations – promotional animation videos for the Camp in 2D and 3D techniques. Further, out of numerous activities in the camp, one should underline the lecture given by Vefik Hadžismajlović, a renowned art historian and award-winning author of documentary and feature films. Mr. Hadžismajlović gave a lecture on the history of animation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, followed by projections of his own films made 40 years ago: “Izlog” and “Nocturne – Animated Graphics”. Students of the Animation Camp made a visit to Drama Studio of the BiH Public Broadcasting System, where they were introduced to very important aspects of creating animated films: sound and noise recording. The lecture was given by an award-winning sound designer Mirsad Tukić. The aim of the camp is to bring the basics of animation closer to young people, as well as to offer a chance to talents to develop further.


Published in January 2009

Animation Camp Neum 2009

Organized by the Federal Ministry of Culture and Sport, in cooperation with Prime Time Production Company from Sarajevo between 18 to 25 January, Animation Camp Neum 2009 was held. The camp brought together 40 students from secondary schools from many cities in the Federation of BiH, who learnt about the basics of animation from the already recognized authors of animated films. Speakers/lecturers in the workshop went through all the important aspects in the process of making animated films: creating characters, storyboard, art direction and animation itself. The novelty in the work of the Camp is the introduction of 3D animation, where students were introduced with software for 3D animations, specifically 3D Max. Ten most successful participants in the Camp Neum will be invited to attend a summer camp on Mount Igman in order to promote Bosnian mountains and tourist potentials. Speakers/lecturers and workshop facilitators included:

  • Stevan Sinik aka Stiv Cinik – Zagreb
  • Faruk Šabanović – Sarajevo
  • Ivan Ramadan – Sarajevo
  • Boris Stapić – Sarajevo
  • Sabina Pezo – Mostar
  • Zdravko Cvjetković – Zenica
  • Edin Durmišević – Sarajevo
  • Emir Durmišević – Sarajevo
  • Tarik Šabanović – Sarajevo
  • Seid Turšić – Sarajevo